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North Texas Blitz Hegemony's Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in North Texas Blitz Hegemony's LiveJournal:

Thursday, November 19th, 2015
7:06 am
on to 2016
Though we have not had any tournaments in some years, we hope to revive things in 2016.
Saturday, November 1st, 2003
6:05 am
First Tournament
I'm pleased to announce that I've scheduled the first tournament for the club. Here's the TLA ad I ran:

"January 24 Plano Kazoo Quad (QC) 3 Double RR (6 games, quad), G/10, Plano Centre, 2000 East Spring Creek Parkway, Plano, Texas 75074. Prizes: kazoos EF: $ 15 (by 1/10), $ 18 at site. Reg: 8-9 a.m., Rounds start at 9. Side Event: WBCA blitz tournament (afternoon). Charity Policy: Proceeds excess of expenses, if any, will be donated to charity. Sponsor: North Texas Blitz Hegemony. [www.livejournal.com/users/northtexasblitz). Contact: [Gurdonark], Gurdonark@aol.com, [Here I put address and phone] Paypal: gurdonark@aol.com. NS, NC, courtesy prized. TD will play in tournament. TD may reformat one or more sections based on attendance. Play with fervor. Play quickly. Play to win a kazoo. Early entries appreciated".
Monday, May 5th, 2003
5:00 am
The Fun Begins
What does one do when one no longer has the time to play in "regular" chess tournaments, but has the burning desire to play "live" chess again? Where does one turn to find blitz chess in Collin County, or the other parts of North Texas? Why, one turns to the North Texas Blitz Hegemony, of course. Despite its silly name, the Hegemony is all about easy participation and quick, fun tournaments.

The club's goal is to provide micro-tournaments and other small events. A blitz tournament is a wonderful thing--it can be held in three hours or less. A small tournament can be held in an hour. The Hegemony is devoted to holding such tournaments, with minimal hassle, maximal fun, at locations across north Texas.

Got three friends who would love to have a blitz tournament, but live miles from a chess club? No problem. With a bit of advance notice, gurdonark will come be the fourth player and tournament director of a blitz chess tournament in your area,or,if you don't have a place to play,
arrange a game room in Allen or Garland for a tournament.

Tournaments will feature low entry fees (always less than ten dollars a player, sometimes as little as five), and not be baed on prizes, but on fun. Entry fees in excess of costs will be donated to the Goodrich Center, a Fort Worth organization that assists the deaf and hard of hearing.

This livejournal serves as the "website" for the club, which I (gurdonark) formed in March 2003. When "scheduled" tournaments arise, they will be posted here. But a world of events will be possible throughout north Texas without elaborate scheduling. Merely drop gurdonark@aol.com an e mail, and an event can be designed to permit a WBCA tournament almost anywhere in north Texas. An "event" can be as small as three or four players, or as large as the potential space for the event permits. I am very open to new ideas--whether they be open-air tournaments in public parks, birthday party tournaments, or what have you. The club has a limited number of its own chess clocks, so all the players need to provide for micro-events is players and boards.

I founded this club to find more people with whom to play blitz chess, with a secondary goal of doing some good in the community. In his "real" life, he practices law in Garland with his own law firm. The North Texas Blitz Hegemony was founded to serve people like me--busy folks who love chess but can no longer easily play in longish tournaments. But it need not be limited to the busy folks. All who love blitz, or think they might wish to try playing, are invited to drop him a line. This is intended to be a new type of club--based on fun, not rules, sportsmanship, not dues.

Hope you'll join the fun!
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